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When someone dies, you’ll need to get the legal right to deal with their property, money and possessions (their ‘estate’).

In England and Wales, you may be able to apply for a ‘grant of representation’ – known as ‘probate’. You can apply yourself or use a solicitor or another person licensed to provide probate services. Most cases follow the same basic process.

  • Check if there’s a will – this normally states who sorts out the estate. If there’s no will the next of kin can apply.
  • A ‘grant of representation’gives you the legal right to access things like the person’s bank account.
  • Pay any Inheritance Tax that’s due.
  • Collect the estate’s assets, e.g. money from the sale of the person’s property.
  • Pay any debts, e.g. unpaid utilities bills.
  • Distribute the estate – this means giving any property, money or possessions to the people entitled to it (‘beneficiaries’).
  • Complete estate accounts.
A grant of representation can sometimes be known as a ‘grant of probate’, ‘letters of administration’ or ‘letters of administration with a will’.

Our professional service can advise clients beyond simply administering and winding up an estate. We add value by:

  • Removing as many problems from our clients as possible by being efficient and dependable,
  • Communicating what, why and when we do things on your behalf
  • Distilling advice that makes a difference to their future,
  • Making savings for clients where possible, e.g. Minimising inheritance tax,
  • Ensuring that the deceased’s Will is appropriate for the beneficiaries,
  • Ensuring that the beneficiaries’ estate planning is in order.

We help protect your family, business and clients.

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